LiLo is a new Belarusian makeup brand, founded in 2017. Today women enjoy freedom as never before when it comes to fashionable make up and creators of the brand decided to offer something original and new in this field. In a never-ending search for unusual textures and shades, we bring make up to a totally new level.

LiLo cosmetics combines both classic and innovative products. Following the latest beauty trends, we are in a hurry to share with you our luxury selection.

What is LiLo? LiLo is an abbreviation for words Like Love. Like Love are not just words, they are the philosophy behind our company. We put a lot of love and effort into what we do. Trying to perfect every product, we carefully select the ingredients to achieve the highest quality. LiLo cosmetics use only the best raw materials from the leading suppliers from Italy, Germany, and Poland. We want you to fall in love with our products and this is why we pay so much attention to every detail, thinking through the design and feel of every package. Our dream is for you to fall in love with our product from the first sight. We hope that our line can surprise every woman with a new treasured item in her make up purse as well as some latest innovations. We are proud to offer the best value product that is high in its quality, not its price. Our constant love for experiments, discovery of new trends, and the desire to please you brings you the most daring and up to date selection possible in the field of cosmetics.

From the Founders of Lilo Brand:

«Beauty is a harmony between the inside and the outside, the ability to love yourself and accept as you are. Therefore, when we created LiLo, we wished for every woman using our cosmetics to feel pleasure, self-love, and confidence in her beauty and uniqueness.»

Add some love to your expression!